Wednesday, September 16, 2015


This is currently what I have in my makeup bag on the daily; kind of my everyday makeup routine. I really don't add things; even if I'm on vacation, I take this and maybe a bold lip colour. I'm pretty basic, I like to focus on my skin then add more or less eyeliner for some drama. 

I have always kept my everyday makeup very minimal. I do like to try new products every so often but it is usually a new product to replace an existing one for the same purpose. The type of product and where I place it on my face has more or less remained the same since I posted an everyday makeup routine when I started this blog. To refer to my previous post for more details on how I apply the contents of my makeup bag, click *here*. However, the majority of products have been switched out or used up giving my makeup bag a makeover so  thought a little update was in order. 

I love all of these products (Well, all but one. I don't like the Benefit eyeliner but I can put up with it until it's finished) and would recommend them to anyone. There are a few I cannot imagine finding anything better and some that are good/great but can meet their match somewhere out in the world of cosmetics. All in all I'm very happy with the end result of my quick and easy makeup routine, and its all thanks to this one little bag. 

I use the concealer for any spots prior to applying foundation and nothing for under the eye (the foundation alone is good enough). 

The order and where I apply all the good face stuff; my goal is to make my face look better than normal but not overdone. I'm sure this is all wrong in how to contour (if I can even call it that) but this is what I do and I like to think this gives me a skinny face. After this step I give my skin a look over and if there are any spots showing though I'll use a tiny bit of foundation and dab it on with my finger (literally tiny bit works like a charm; the tiniest possible so I don't have to blend really.). 

Must curl eyelashes before eyeliner!

I'll use any mascara really, this is what I happened to have on the go. Dior and LancĂ´me are my favourite brands. 

After its all done I'll fine-tune my eyelashes; do another coat of mascara or curl them if needed. 


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