Sunday, November 09, 2014


Yes, this is a Christmas Wishlist, but don't get me wrong - the last thing I care about on Christmas is getting gifts. It's the only part about Christmas that I dislike. I love giving, when I want to, and having any sort of expectations for a gift (giving or receiving) takes everything good away for me. I've always been told that I am "the hardest person to shop for". I don't disagree. It'a true because people don't listen to me when I say I don't want anything at all. No matter what the gift is, I am going to feel like they shouldn't have and that makes me feel guilty and come across like I am ungrateful, which then upsets me because I know I am upsetting them. What's worse is I know I would feel unappreciated if I didn't receive anything at all. That is why although I ABSOLUTELY love my birthday and Christmas, I always have the worst days. I try to pretend I don't wish I could fast forward the day, but I cannot help it. I feel bad because there are gifts or expectations involved and I think it's wrong to want. The only way I graciously accept a gift is if it is not on the day I am supposed to receive it or it is something that I have chosen myself and I know the other person didn't worry about me liking or not. That may explain why this last week, for my birthday, I picked out the gifts from my husband and mother, and my sisters both got me each the same extremely safe and generic gift - a Starbucks gift card. I just feel it is such an inconvenience to HAVE to get something for someone. Everyone is so privileged these days and has more than they could ever need or want. I mean what's good about feeling and feeding desires that come from a bad place.

Anyways, this may seem odd, I have a fashion blog and I'm shopping constantly. But I am very reasonable with what I want and need; my life is not in any way in excess. These are the sort of things I currently would love to have - some are splurge items and some are ones I will eventually be getting myself if no one gets to it first. It's very personalized, not your typical fashion and beauty Christmas Wishlist. Hopefully it will give you some ideas to go somewhere other than Sephora to get that gift for that someone with everything already. 


Shoppers Drug Mart Eye Studio Sampler 

Gift Cards 



  1. The Woman I Wanted to Be by Diane von Furstenberg is also on my wishlist for Christmas.
    Can't wait to read it :).

  2. Oh I need to make one of these! My parents ALWAYS buy me a coat. I have 2-3 coats that I rarely wear. One year my MIL got us gift cards for the grocery store, and new socks. BEST GIFTS EVER. But yeah, I need my brothers to make lists like this, would make things so much easier.

    I love Essie, and that polish looks beautiful! Those booties are really sweet as well!

  3. I love loose leaf teas! Is there a Teavana near you? You should try their youth berry loose leaf tea mixed with orange blossom tea! So good :3

  4. Nice wishlist! I love that little LV keychain pouch!

    xo T.

  5. I love the red nail polish

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  6. ahh the fur scarf is a must! and love your items that you picked- we used to play apples to apples all the time!