Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I was just in Sephora to pick up my usual Origins A Perfect World Cleanser when I saw my local Sephora now has First Aid Beauty! I have wanted to try their face cleanser for a while now so I picked up a set that included a few other products with it.

Given that Christmas is "soon" approaching, I couldn't keep myself from looking at the different value sets. I've been getting the Sephora Favourites mascara set for years now. It's honestly the only way to buy mascara if you're like me and rarely wear makeup; it almost lasts me the year and the trial-sized tube never dries out before I've used up all the product.

I love trying new skincare products but they can be very pricey and it's hard to judge whether you will even use it. Even after reading reviews, it's hard to know what you actually want or need until you are grabbing for the product regularly. Samples and travel-sized products are perfect if you don't want to be wasteful or spend a lot of money. Value sets often include best sellers, generally at a good price, so it's not much or a risk. And honestly, who doesn't get excited about new products to try. It's what makes daily life a little bit more exciting, a little bit more fun! It reminds me of high school when I would think about my week and really the only thing that got me up quick and eager to get going in the morning was if I had new makeup to try, or an assembly or field trip that day. Anything new is mind-altering for me, it really gives me a new spring in my step, no matter how minuscule it may seem (new shampoo = an awesome week for me lol).

The rest of what I got was small, necessary, re-buys or free. The OPI glass nail file is magic. The Victoria's Secret Rockin' Body Perfecting Cream was because my Sally Hansen Air Brushed Legs got thrown out at the airport security. My eyelash curler broke last week. My birthday is November 7th so I got my Sephora birthday gift and I had 500 points and liked the gift.

I didn't get anything special that I could ask for as Christmas or birthday gifts. I'll be going though Sephora online and making a Sephora Christmas Wish List soon. But I encourage anyone to check out all the amazing sets that are out now. Blush sets, like, amazing! Also I posted some vacation pictures on my Instagram so go check that out too. 



  1. The skin wonderland set looks amazing! I'm definitely going to have to pick up one of those the next time I'm out!
    Modern Beauty Girl
    Other Modern Girl

  2. I love seeing all these make-up/fashion blogs (mainly because I'm so incompetent in this area, these blogs actually inspire me!). Which brand for eyelash curler do you recommend?

    1. Iv never put much thought into eyelash curlers, sorry I don't have any recommendations. a sephora or sally hansen one would probably be good if you don't want to spend a lot.

  3. I love to find the gift/value packs too! So many good finds! Love your picks!


  4. Cool products, you will have a lot of fun with all this!!!

  5. Awesome post!
    Great finds! Can't wait to try one of them!
    Keep in touch,

  6. I am so bad at picking out beauty supplies for myself, I always depend on people's post of them! Haha

  7. I so love their First Aid Beauty products. Cool post!