Sunday, October 12, 2014


Hello lovelies,

While packing for a 7 night Dominican vacay I documented what I packed for you all. I'm such a minimalist. Just taking the basics in a carry-on. Everything is in something smaller than most people's gym bags. Mind you, my bag is FULL. I've used this bag to pack since grade 10 - that's 2006, people! It has always worked perfectly for me. Once you go big, you never can downsize and it's so easy to not check a bag. 
So with out further ado, this is the most you can fit in the smallest bag for a week vacation (luckily it's 30° there). 

I started by clearing out anything I need from the bathroom while I was actually getting ready for today. That way you don't forget the toothpaste amongst other little afterthoughts. 

My daily make-up bag and other beauty related items. This includes q-tips, cotton pads, and mini manicure scissors (this always comes in handy, if not for me, someone will be asking around for scissors).

All bathroom and beauty items in one freezer bag. The liquids are in their own smaller freezer bag on top for easy access. Any miscellaneous items like electronic chords also are shoved in here. 

I went through my closet once and threw everything I would like to wear on my bed then went through a second time with extra items for more options. 2 silk dresses, 2 beach dresses, a maxi skirt, a slip and shirt-dress, 2 beachy shorts, denim shorts, dressy shorts, all kinds of tanks, and a few T's (one a white v-neck, a must). I mean, 7 nights, I think I've got it covered, lol.

It's all much smaller folded. Don't forget intimates, sleepwear (I'm notorious for forgetting this), bathing suits, and pantyhose.   

I'm going for a destination wedding; no heels, just wedges. I'm also packing my Birkenstocks and wearing a wedge. I figure footwear options are covered with a dressy wedge and sandal then a casual wedge and sandal. 

Clothes, shoes, and liquids on the top. As long as I don't look like I'm struggling going through security, no one will question the weight of my bag. 

The contents of my purse. Reading material, headphones, and playing cards to pass the time are really all I need plus my passport and debit. 

Three magazines, an audio book, and a book I just picked up on my way to the airport, Beneath a Starlet Sky (no idea what it's about yet).   

Finally, here you have it. I write this now at the airport, our flight is at 3pm and we're all cleared security. Extra liquids I couldn't be bothered separating (mascara and lipgloss lol) and my scissors still with me! Next stop Montreal! My favourite place in Canada! 

Oh ya, excuse my flying ootd! I wore my wedges since they take up so much room and my husband didn't want to wrinkle his suit jacket so... I know, points for the best wife ever! 



    Enjoy, pretty girl! xoxo

  2. So organised. I just make a mad dash around the house the night before. I'll be taking tips.

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