Thursday, July 17, 2014


Last weekend my husband and I went on a mini vacation to Seattle for some relaxation and fun. I did a lot of shopping in a short time. We stayed at the Hyatt which is right by Nordstom and we thought we would quickly go in on our way to lunch just after checking-in. Needless to say I got more than I needed as soon as we got there which was nice because we spent the rest of our vacation outside of stores actually enjoying Seattle!

I used my phone for pictures so I'm sorry the quality is so bad. I normally use pictures from online stores but since I got so many jeans that are different brands and fits I thought I'd take pictures so you get a better idea of what they are like. 

MAC lipsticks in Fleshpot and Please Me

Paige Denim in a size larger than I normally wear

And here are a few of our vacation pictures

What to wear on a 2.5 hour ferry ride

Hotel view. We stayed at the Hyatt Olive 8 Seattle which was the perfect location

Obviously the first thing I did was unpack and organize my clothes 

Newlyweds :) on our way to the pool 


Some shopping. The t-shirt, shorts, and shoes are all new from the trip

The perks of being newlyweds :) 

We left our hotel at 1am for some Mexican food

Fresh cherries from Pike Place Market 

Very sad our ice creams were so small

Cold beer on a hot day! 

I am so obsessed with Fritos Honey BBQ Twists (We don't have them in Canada) 

Mariners game!!

UW gave me a t-shirt, glasses case, and shoelaces. I was drunk enough to change out of my new All Saints Tank for the free t-shirt lol 



  1. Looks like so much fun! Those ice cream cones were really small...sad faces justified!!! xx

    1. I'm doing a giveaway until aug.30, don't forget to enter!

  2. Such a cute post :)

    1. I'm doing a giveaway until aug.30, don't forget to enter!

  3. Girl, you are beautiful !!!! Inside and Out...

  4. Oh...such a beautiful couple :)
    I love the Paige Denim's and the amazing Dolce Vita shoes <3.