Thursday, June 19, 2014


I know I already did a blog post on my wedding. You get it - I am married. But my friend Elise, who also has a blog, wrote about it and I thought it was too sweet not to share!
Elise is super cool - that is really the best way to describe her. She lives in Vancouver and is always finding new ventures in life. On top of work and school, she is a bartender, learning to become a personal trainer, a blogger, and still somehow has an active social life and a very cute boxer! 

We also just heared back from our amazing wedding photographer, Jesse Holland - who does Victoria, BC and the Bay Area of California. Some of our pictures are up on her blog and the rest of our photos are ready for tomorrow! Anyone looking for wedding inspiration, searching venues in Victoria, or just likes weddings, creeping, or photography in general, go check out her post on Matthew and I's beautiful wedding day! 


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