Tuesday, June 17, 2014


With summer officially kicking off this month, I put together a list of beauty products to keep you fresh and looking your best into the late summer nights. 

A spritz of this on a hot, sticky day will keep you feeling fresh and your makeup set. Available in the perfect travel size for on-the-go.

For makeup-free days at the beach or exploring the outdoors; a wipe with this will cleanse your skin. Just do not forget your cotton pad too. 

Create texture to your day one hair or use it to freshen up the locks from all the gruelling hair up/down changes throughout long summer days.

Mask the extra shine in your hair from having the car windows down and increased perspiration (ew, I know).

No one wants to wear pantyhose, that is just an extra layer! This helps to hide bug bites or scratches that are avoidable if you are taking advantage of the beautiful outdoors this summer. Since we all still want polished legs, apply a bit of this evenly, rub it in well, then let it dry for a few minutes and you will be good-to-go until you remove it with soap and a good scrub. An added bonus, it acts as a self tanner too! For the most part it does not transfer to your clothes and will hold up moderately well in the water. I only had a problem when I did my back and got too close to my arms; from the constant friction some did transfer to my white top. For legs it is very safe; if you are still worried, err on the side if caution when wearing your whites.



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