Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I just made an order from my favourite online store! In 4-12 business days Christmas will be at my door.  I'm kind of excited because I haven't received a package since actual Christmas. The only mail I get is magazines and an obscene amount of overdue parking tickets (sometimes multiple reminders daily)! I went though a phase where I used to shop online all the time. I was excited to get home and check the mail because it was likely a package would be at my door.

I very rarely purchase anything online anymore and I am no longer in a long distance relationship. It's weird I put those two things together in that last sentence, but not actually, because the week my boyfriend moved away is when I first began online shopping and a year later when I moved with him I stopped lol. Not only were we sending each other care packages, but it was also easier to buy something online and have it delivered for special occasions. With a reason to shop online, combined with my extra free time I would be looking at things all the time - and once you look, you buy! 

Anyways, I wanted to share what I got because these are seriously good deals and I think everyone should check out the extra 30% off sale items at Intermix! Intermix always has amazing stuff, I really love the brand and style selection they have. They are always rotating new items in so there is always current must-haves and good stuff going on sale. 

This is what I got...

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