Tuesday, June 10, 2014


It has been over a week now that I have been a happily married woman! The entire month of May was filled with fun, family and friends, and lasting memories. The kick-off was the bachelorette party mid-May, then my MOH flew in from Ontario and it was non-stop with the shower, rehearsal dinner, the wedding itself, and the morning-after brunch. Leading up to the wedding we were surrounded by love and support; it was a beautiful time and brought all the people that matter the most to us together. Everything about the wedding and wedding related parties went better than anyone could have planned. We are so thankful for all the help we received; more people than not were offering their time and abilities which is more than any bride and groom could ever ask for. 

Having some of our friends meet for the first time and instantly creating friendships is one of the more cherished things from our wedding. It really was a joyous day of celebration filled with fun and laughter. We are fortunate to have wonderful family and friends that mean the world to us which is what made our wedding such a good time. To summarize the day, I would say it was a stress-free, smooth, and easy, seriously fun and all-around good time for everyone. It brought about togetherness amongst all guests; by far the most lively and fun wedding I have ever been to. The  photographer, weather, wedding party, flowers, d├ęcor, setting, service, and food and drinks all surpassed our expectations. I am so grateful to have found the person I love and want to spend the rest of my life with. I was already so lucky, but the wedding being so easy and perfect makes me that much more lucky and I am excited for what is to come of our love :) 

Here are a few pictures from all the festivities... 

The Bachelorette. We went to the Oak Bay Beach Hotel first to soak in the sun and enjoy the outdoor heated saltwater pools and hot tubs surrounded by ocean views and of course relax with some spa treatments. Then dinner with a Victoria view and drinks at a bar.  Matthew stopped by to pick me up and cut me off. Sunday morning was not the least bit pleasant. 

The Shower. Fun games, delicious food, lots of laughs, and lovely gifts! 

The wedding! #hashtagmelnykwedding. To date the best day of my life; from dusk to dawn like a dream.

The morning after Brunch. Our last day with close family before everyone went back home. 

I should probably add that everything took place in Victoria BC, more precisely the downtown/Inner Harbour area. It was a small wedding with 50 people. The ceremony was at St. Ann's Academy Chapel Website and the reception was at The Empress in the Harbour View Room Website.

I was so pleased with everything, for anyone local I have a few things to highly recommend. Jesse Holland Photography Website - An amazing photographer and even better person; she is such a good worker and lovely to work with. Both venues - Beautiful places in gorgeous surroundings with quality staff that made planning a breeze. No one could stop talking about Sylvia, one of the servers at The Empress, and everyone loved the food and drinks, especially the Collins 44. The Magnolia Hotel Website - Perfect, very spacious, rooms to get ready with your wedding party and the staff took care of us so well. 


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