Friday, June 13, 2014


Kate Bosworth is always seen looking amazing. With her easy, effortless, and classic style with a trendy flare, it is no surprise she is being featured in yet another blog post. Her outfits are never busy and still so complete. She makes errands in cut-off shorts and a basic t-shirt look almost elegant, somehow. Her red carpet looks are understated and perfect in every way. Bosworth's stunning natural beauty and killer body make her a perfect canvas for fashion; it is a gift she has been blessed with an amazing fashion sense too. Together, she delivers a style so unique. While it would be hard to recreate a look of hers, we can all admire her fashion genius and God-given beauty. 

A simple top and bottom with limited accessories coming together for an overall very finished look; each item is simple, yet there is nothing missing.

Again, so basic, just a top and bottom. There is just enough detail in each very ordinary piece to make this look interesting.

Nothing complicated, just clean beautiful basics coming together. 


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