Wednesday, March 26, 2014


This is my last weekend in our Ottawa apartment. This morning I was all over it taking pictures of things to sell or give away. I figured I would do a blog post on how to organize small spaces to give ideas to anyone needing them.  Making efficient use of a small space can be difficult, but if it is done successfully it can make your apartment bright, spacious, and clutter-free. When my sister visited she was in every closet taking pictures for ideas on how to organize her new place. It did take me a while to figure out the best way to utilize what small closet space there was and the tiny closed-off kitchen. After some measurements and trips to Ikea I was able to function easily and be happy with our living space. This apartment was built in the 50's so the closets are very small and there is very little storage space but I love the character and although it is 525 sqft, it was very spacious and home-like.

 The kitchen window was very convenient and I honestly loved looking at it. I would always have a few Bodum canisters and random objects. The Bodum canisters have a perfect seal and I love the clear glass because it made the space more decorative. 
The shelf was the perfect size for some spices and tea. We only had one cupboard and one shelf for all our food so it was a great way to store smaller objects. 
This shelf was in the living room against the wall where our dining room table was. It was another decorative way I stored some kitchen items.
This has our games, school books, sports items, and a bit of wine. A lot for a tiny table.
This is Matthew's four semesters' worth of law textbooks. The apartment did not really have the space for a book shelf so we put them in bins. The one beside this is the sports bin. 
Anything that was cute and belonged in a kitchen we kept out for decoration.
This is the desk area. Everything was made to fit in the drawers or the filing bin kept on the floor. 
Our coffee table. The bin has pens and a note pad, a few recipe books and bibles. 
Rather than getting a magazine holder I just stacked them with some coffee table books.
To keep things clean and with the lack of counter space, Matthew and I had our own bathroom bins with the items we used regularly. For backups or items we used occasionally, we had a storage bin in the linen closet.
This is the only bedroom closet. I keep most of my clothes here and Matthew used the hall closet. I kept dresses and sweaters elsewhere then had one dresser drawer for pants and miscellaneous items! The bin has bags in their dust covers and to the left is all my scrapbooking and crafting things. I used these bins from Ikea all throughout the apartment because they kept everything together. I organized everything systematically so I knew where items were and could access them easily. 
We used to have a lamp on the nightstand but I broke it, along with most of the glass items we had. This bin was actually where I kept all my lingerie.
We had a nice hallway when we walk in from outside to leave all our outerwear and outdoor accessories. This shelf held everything from our keys to laundry change and although I think it is very ugly, it proved useful in the end.
Having these hooks on the back of the door allowed us the free space to have a second closet for clothing.  I also hung sweaters on the back of my closet door.

These are just a few ideas for keeping organized in a small space. I tried to have items of a similar nature all together before I found places for things. There is nothing that drives me more crazy than a non-systemic closet or drawer. Being organized and having a place for each item elimates clutter and makes life easy. I aim to have a flow in my living space, as lame as that sounds, but it is the key to a functional home. I lived here for nine months so I wanted to keep costs low which is why almost everything was from Ikea. If I were to have lived here for another year, I think most items would have had their day and needed to be replaced. I did not include links because I did not think that would be helpful. Stores that I do really like for the home are Chapters Indigo, The Bay, Costco, and local kitchen/home stores. I hope this was helpful to anyone possibly doing spring cleaning and good luck turning your space into a home. 


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