Monday, March 03, 2014


This is my everyday makeup routine. I have always kept my everyday makeup very minimal. I do like to try new products every so often but it is usually a new product to replace an existing one for the same purpose. Other than new mascaras and switching up my lip or blush colour, I have not changed anything since getting the NARS Guy Bourdin One Night Stand Cheek Palette in November.

The only thing that differs daily is my eye liner, which depends on how much time I have, what I am doing, or how I feel. Somedays I will just use mascara and no eye liner, pencil, or liquid with pencil. I never put eyeliner on my water line or line the whole eye. On the days I use pencil, I line the outer corner to about half way in on both my upper and lower lash lines then blend it out. On the days I use liquid, I use the liquid liner to line my upper lid from inner to outer corner, getting thicker as I go out, then stop where my lid ends and once that is dry with the pencil I go between my lashes.

I use the colour Fair. This foundation has never irritated my skin in anyway and matches my skin tone well. When I run out I sometimes try something new but I have repurchased it on and off for years now. 

If my skin is very clear or I have a short day I will skip this step. 

Nars Guy Bourdin One Night Stand Cheek Palatte (Limited Edition)
I use this palate for a contour (Laguna), blush (Goulue), and highlighter (Devotee).

I use the colour Soft Brown. I never used to be comfortable with filling in my brows because I do not like my brows and I thought it would bring too much attention to them. Last summer I started filling my brows and now I feel it is one of the most important steps to my makeup routine. I went for a powder to start out because I thought it would be less harsh. I still am a bit eyebrow-scared so I have not tried anything else and do not use a gel to set them - baby steps (I did the same thing with mascara when I was younger too lol).

I use the colour Soft Golden Beige. I put this in the inner corners of my eyes. 

I love this eyeliner because it is so easy.

I have a lot of black pencil eyeliners but I have had this in my makeup bag since I got it. I never even bought it, the lady at the Qlinique counter added it to my bag for free. No complaints about it, easy for everyday and I can do a light line with it (which I like). 

One of my favourites and the mascara I am currently using. I always try new ones though, I am not fussy. I say that but I have not used a drug store mascara (no reason, I am sure they are great). 

I use the colour "Memento". I prefer my lips to be matte and I like to use long-wearing products. I usually do not re-apply lip products throughout the day so I use lip stains, matte lipsticks, or pencils. This is not as long-wearing as I would like but I love the colour. I bought this when I dyed my hair blonde because I did not have a nude shade of anything other than a Maybelline Baby Lips and wanted a lighter lip with my lighter hair. My hair is dark brown now and I sill love this shade.

This is one of those products I love and I do not really know why.

F60 (Foundation) F40 (Bronzer) F30 (Blush) E40 (Highlighter) 

My eyelashes point down naturally so this is a very necessary tool for me. People tell me I have nice eyelashes but when they are not curled they are honestly laughable. I am lucky that with such a strong down force, once they are curled they stay that way until I wash my face at night. I have this curler just because it is cheap and does the job. 



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