Friday, March 21, 2014


It seems whenever I have time to pass, I am on Instigram checking my feed or finding new people to follow. It is not all aimless browsing; I have found book recommendations, outfit inspiration, recipes and restaurants to try, new bloggers to check out, etc.. I have listed 10 of my favourite instagrammers as of late for you to checkout yourself.

A West Coaster who captures breathtaking scenery and beautiful moments. Check out her blog for more

So many flowers and pretty things! She has beautifully executed pictures, evoking simplicity and femininity.

There is no shortage of fabulous outfits here. Not only is she beautiful but her instagram makes me think she has the coolest personality ever. To see more of Amy check out her blog and her YouTube channel

This Amsterdam-based blogger puts together an outfit and a homemade meal like it is her job. Check out her blog for more in fashion and travel

This Instagrammer has the most fun job with the most perks ever and gives you a glimpse into her life as a women's fashion buyer at Holt Renfrew. It is her job to have the best wardrobe ever and she knows how to style great outfits with it!

Lots of tea, food, and nature but in the most picturesque way.

Lauren has an eye for the beauty that surrounds her and captures it in photos for all of instagram to see. Visit

As the username suggests, this Instagrammer seizes the day! She emits her positive energy though each charismatic photo.

This blogger has an effortless style and her instagram is full of comfortable yet still fashionable outfits. Check out her blog

I most likely came across this instagrammer by looking though #aritzia, which is my way of finding bloggers from Canada. Her posts are almost all outfit photos and it is nice to have weather appropriate outfit inspiration from stores easily accessible to me. Check out her blog


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