Thursday, February 20, 2014


I am always curious to know what apps other people use most on their phones. I have my phone usually within hand's reach (or "lost", but not too far); it is with me more than my wallet or keys. Most of my battery life goes to using it is a GPS or reading something on the internet. I am pretty much a compulsive Instigram checker and avid Bloglovin' reader; I do not even know why, it is something I just do without paying any attention to. Oh and Snapchat - Love. But all the fun ways to waste time aside, my phone is the most useful and used thing I probably own. It is a bank account, mail carrier, agenda, alarm clock, GPS, weather channel, camera, photo album, method of payment at Starbucks, gym schedule, computer, and - wait for it, phone and answering machine! Honestly how did I ever live my life without an iPhone?
So without further ado, this is what I currently have on my iPhone:

This is the first page. I basically have everything on this page. It is organized by rows in some way that makes sense to me. Social media on the top row, pictures at the left of the second row, and all the reading to the right of the second row. Those two rows have everything I spend a lot of time looking at. The third row is all the handy apps (I honestly never check the weather though). Fourth row to the left is somewhat financial and to the right is all music, tv, and photo editors.   
At the bottom of my phone I keep all the "phone" things; contacts, phone, voicemail, and messages.

This is the second page. I only use the settings, usually for wi-fi.

This is my reading folder. You are most likely familiar with Bloglovin', but that is where I keep track of the blogs I follow. I have added to my homescreen my blog and Lauren Conrad's for quick access and to have it in the same place as all the other articles or blog posts I read. Pulse is probably the most app-like app I have. I selected a few fashion/beauty and health/fitness channels to follow. There are all kinds of articles from those channels shown by a picture with the title; you select whatever your think looks interesting and it takes you to the source. The Bible was the first app I downloaded. Notes are where I keep my passwords and, well, notes. 

This is my Safari. The Goodlife bookmark takes me directly to a list of all the gyms in Ottawa so I can check hours and class schedules quickly and easily. The other bookmarks are sites I frequent every so often but do not really need. 

When I am cleaning the apartment I am always listening to Songza; I search Kate Nash and play one of the playlists featuring her.

This is the picture editing apps I have but I would not recommend any of them lol. I do not think I need Pic Stitch since Snap Collage is the same but better. Photo Chop was an attempt to find an app that would allow me to crop pictures in irregular shapes (like if i were to cut out myself from a photo and transfer it to a blank background); it sucks but I can erase on a picture to make it white (think back to the eraser on "Paint" but even more sloppy). PS Express is actually OK, for a free app, to brighten or sharpen a picture. I do not really edit pictures often so I have not even been able to really figure out how to use any picture editing apps properly. Since having this phone I have downloaded many different ones that were listed when I Googled "Best picture editing apps free". Uusually 9/10 I opened and could not figure out or just thought were absolutely useless then deleted immediately. So these are basically what I have at the moment.

This is the first page of the folder I keep all the apps the phone came with and I cannot delete (plus my one game). Calculator, Voice Memos, and Newsstand are the only ones I have even opened.

This is the second page of "Extras". Ticket to Ride is one of my favourite games. I used this app all the time when I was in a long distance relationship to play a "board game" with Matthew. We have the physical game now and still sometimes play on the app. 


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