Friday, February 14, 2014


Happy Valentine's Day to you all! What is in store for me today is just another ordinary day, maybe even less because I am less inclined to do anything even remotely Valentine's-like. It is not that I am single, very far from it (being engaged and planing a wedding and all), but it is not and has not ever been my holiday. I am sure this has nothing to do with my dislike for red, pink, black, and white together or that if I were to get a useless bear it would be in the trash by February 15th. Maybe it is that I feel I love and appreciate everyone that means the most to me all year round, therefore I have no regrets, in that regards, to make up for on Valentine's Day. Is it too much to say I have nothing to prove on Valentine's Day? I do not need to be out with my fiancĂ© on a busy day having a less intimate evening, than if it were not Valentine's Day, surrounded by couples, that may not last another year,  going all out. It is just not my thing. I am low key for the most part - actually no, that is sort of lie. Matthew and I go on dates more than once a week, so yes a lot of our dates are very low key, but we also get bit ridiculous at times. Our dates range from going to the movies to spending a few nights in a hotel.

What really sets us apart is that we are stuck in our regular routine, because that is what we love, but a part of that routine is a mix of old with new. Both of us love to get dressed up (Well I love getting dressed up and Matthew loves when I get all dressed up - I swear he always looks devilishly handsome) and go somewhere very nice, or do something special. It is easy to find things to do because we live downtown (Ottawa, but still there is lots to do) and we are just the kind of people that like to get out of the house and explore. The weekly movie dates consist of always running late, rushing to hit up Bulk Barn (bulk food store, Matthew gets his candy here) first while still making it in time for 5 mins after the movie is "supposed" to start (Matthew hates missing the beginning of movies), he gets the tickets, I get the popcorn (the biggest one, no butter, ketchup shaker), we meet at the water fountain to fill both our water bottles (I drink a lot of water when I eat popcorn, I usually drink all of his too), we find seats in the middle near the aisle (weird, I know, we like the middle and to the side), watch the movie, stand up and admire the mess of popcorn and ketchup powder ALL over me, proceed to the bathroom to wash up, then head home. I never look cute on movie nights. It is cold in theatres so I dress for warmth, I make such a mess with my popcorn so I wear clean enough clothes but nothing fresh from the laundry, and it is dark so why waste a cute outfit.
If for 364 days of the year I feel like the most loved and admired person in the entire world, I can handle skipping this money-wasting holiday. I will still get my heart shaped chocolates, just on February 15th, and that is fine with me.

This was before we were even a "couple". He was driving me to school because I was running late so I called him up. Of course he woke from slumber to pick me up, with a coffee. I had made a huge mess while packing my lunch and I lived with roommates at the time so I did not want to leave the kitchen in such a disarray. I asked if he could drop me off then go back to my place and clean up. He did! Then I came back later that day to find this! I mean, screw Valentine's Day, I get this sort of thing unexpectedly, with no expectations, all the time. 

I suppose I am in a bit of a Valentine's Day head-space today, reflecting on my relationship and all. I would just like to say a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to everyone reading this! I wish everyone all the love and support in the world. You may not find it in a significant other at this time in your life, but you are still loved. How about we continue the love for the remainder of the year?


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