Friday, February 28, 2014


Today I stopped by Zara to check out some heels. I didn't get the heels, but picked up a few sale items. Then I stopped by The Bay for some necessities. The two long sleeves are the same shirt but I couldn't choose between the basic black or bright patterned one so at $30 each I just got both. I like the faux leather cuffs; it makes them different from other tops I have. I think I will get a lot of use of the skirt this spring and the sweater is comfortable. I don't like the feeling of lotion so I use body oils to moisturize. The Origins ginger scent is nice for everyday, I've been rebuying it for a while now and just ran out. I needed a mascara and Lancôme Hypnose mascaras are some of my favourites. That's all the shopping for now. I'm trying not to buy much because I'm moving in a month. It's hard to resist everything new for spring but I have too many clothes to pack as is - and it's still snowing :(

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