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am Sarah Jessica, 23, and currently living in Ottawa, Canada. This is a fashion and lifestyle blog, hence the name New Haut Monde. Regarding fashion, at New Haut Monde, you will find posts about styling, coveted shopping lists, fashion and beauty reviews, brand spotlights, and more. I have a very individual style; whatever it is I like, I love and obsess over. Other than a passion for everything fashion related I also love to read, maintain and update my home, treat my body like the temple it is through exercise, relaxation and diet, explore new places both nearby or travel, and more. Obviously I love more; I am a three dimentional person not just in this world breathing but also living and loving life! I am simple; I have a deep understanding of who I am and what I want in life which is expressed through the inconsistency in all aspects of my life. So yes, I am actually very complicated - to others, but only because I am true to myself. In review, this is an expressive blog about my passions in life - Fashion and life.

Get to know me personally...

Matthew, my fiancé , and I. This picture was taken this November in NYC on our engagement/my birthday trip.

What we think of each other.

Matthew's school has brought us to Ottawa, Ontario. We met in Victoria, British Colombia, on my 19th birthday, and plan to move back to reunite with loved ones and escape the winters. 

I love Montreal, Quebec. It is fairly close to Ottawa so we try to find the time to vacation there as much as possible. Unfortunately I never picked up French, or any other languages for that matter. Also, I always have a coffee in my hand.

I love coffee, poutine, chocolate, and ice cream all equally but second best to fruits and vegetables.

This was taken at work. I'm a Support Worker; my job has nothing to do with fashion or blogging but it is fun and I love it.

Our pet hamster, Bella Rose. Matthew is allergic to dogs and most pets so we have a rodent. 


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