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I am very selective while shopping. Over time I have learned, through plenty of closet clean outs and clothing donations, for the ideal closet it is all about quality over quantity. Honestly, my entire life, from friends to how I spend my time, can all boil down to quality over quantity. As far as my closet goes, I realized I only want (and have the space for) items that are well suited for me, not repeated, and hold up well over time. Ultimately I buy investment pieces that I love. I try to avoid items that do not have the ability to be styled well together with my existing wardrobe or that I cannot find a way to justify as "necessary". This not only makes putting together an outfit quick and simple but it also reduces clutter and saves money.

The concept for this blog post came about as I was ordering my coffee at Starbucks this morning. The barista complemented the necklace I was wearing. My response was, "Oh? Thanks. I still wear it all the time and I have had it for years". There is no sentimental value to this necklace; I bought it in 2011, on sale, online but I do wear it multiple times in a month. This interaction got me thinking about which items in my closet I gravitate towards the most. Below are my closet staples that are probably not for sale and if they are could be hard to find. It is not about getting the items I have but to be a guide for anyone trying to reduce unnecessary clutter in their closet or build a more encompassing wardrobe.

I have attempted to include pieces that translate well over the course of the year. However, these picks do not make up a complete wardrobe for all four seasons; it is more a foundation to adjust accordingly for easy, everyday looks. I have not included outerwear, footwear, handbags, or accessories (yes, I know this came about from a necklace) because I already feel as though this post is too busy. Just a disclaimer, sorry for describing these items as versatile, simple, easy - but it is so true! I know I said I was all about quality over quantity and then have multiples of everything (with the exception of the leather skirt and Wildfox cardigan), but each item I get plenty of uses out of and would still deem the repeats as somewhat necessary.

Citizens Of Humanity Avedon Skinny Jeans in a dark-wash: A good pair of dark skinny low-rise jeans that fit perfectly are probably what I would consider the most important item in anyones wardrobe. Every time I go on vacation these jeans are the first item of clothing I pack. They are so versitile and you really cannot go wrong with them.

J Brand 811 Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans in white: White bottoms are not just a way to cover your bare legs while keeping cool in the hot summer months anymore. White is currantly trending all year round. If you still choose to move your white bottoms to the back of your closet during the winter, for spring and summer they are essential. The simplicity of a flattering pair can transform an outfit to classy and elegant, not to mention how easy it is to match with white.

Current/Elliott Stiletto Jeans: The prefect fitted jeans. There is nothing I love more than putting on a cute pair of my Current/Elliott Stiletto jeans. It is some kind of miracle that this fit has everything I want in a pair of jeans and more. Obviously to each their own, whatever your body type, the perfect pair of jeans is out there and you just have to find it. I love that these are foolproof and I can get them online or in store without trying them on. Start with getting the perfect fit in black or a wash you would get the most use out of. Overtime you can add a variety of colours and patterns. 

TNA Stride Legging: A black legging that you feel most comfortable in is not necessarily the most fashion forward piece of clothing. I have to admit, it is my most worn. You can find me at the gym, at work, at home, and running errands in a pair of these. 

Zara Faux Leather Combination Skirt: A sexy, yet modest faux leather pencil skirt may not be the most flattering style for all body types or even within everyone's comfort level. Luckily leather or faux leather skirts are available in endless shapes and sizes so anyone can find the most flattering style to complement them while getting that sleek and playful leather element.

Current/Elliott Boyfriend Shorts: A flattering pair of jean shorts are needed to get through summer. I found this pair randomly online at a massive discount. I probably should not have, but I did, order them months before I could try them on to my boyfriend's apartment, where I would be spending my summer. To much surprise they were my go-to shorts; I could not help but wear them almost everyday, it was slightly pathetic (well, more than just slightly). 

Wilfred Free Naomi Dress in black: A black maxi or midi dress is the most simple item in my closet. Options for styling it are endless; it is truly an item that allows you to showcase your individual style. Throw on an open vest, have only the waist down showing by throwing a T-shirt or sweater overtop, leave it as is and go all out with accessories, or keep it as simple as possible by not adding a thing. Even the size you choose to buy can give you an entirely different look which is one of the reasons why I have four, all with something distinct about them, in black alone.  

Wilfred Minou Camisole: This, or any silk camisole, is a great starting point for any outfit. I have it in four different colours because, well, I am just like that. It is versatile, easy, basic - just like most of the items in this post are. 

Wilfred Free Basculet T-Shirt: A very basic, soft, good quality,  over-sized t-shirt is the perfect undershirt or stand alone top. It is important to find one that washes well and hangs off your body in the right places. I wear t-shirts almost everyday so I like to have a few different neutral shades and some colours.

T. Babaton Payton Blouse: A silk collared button-up blouse with pockets is my favourite throw over to add dimension to an outfit. I have opted for black in this blouse because I already had a tan silk blouse, but any neutral colour will allow the most use. It is cool in the summer and easy to layer with in the winter. What I like most is it can be styled in the most obvious way, by keeping it more formal, but also has the ability to be incorporated in a very casual outfit. 

Talula Kent Blazer: Any flattering, well-fitted blazer is piece I think everyone should have.  I included this as my favourite blazer because it has next to no details on it and has very little structure to it; it really is a blazer in the most simplest, casual form. I gravitate towards whatever is most comfortable, however, depending on your lifestyle you my need a more formal blazer.  

Community Cashmere Cardigan in black, from Aritzia (Pictured: Theory V Cardigan in Light Wool): The cardigan I have and the one pictured are similar in that it is a classic thin wool long sleeve five button v neck cardigan in black; it serves the same purpose. This classic item is practical for warmth and transitioning from day into night. The versatility of this item is endless; it can be dressed up over a dress or dressed down over a basic t-shirt and jeans.

Wildfox Manhattan Cardigan: This is the most amazing item in my closet, it is fun and not many people have it. I just love it. It is a unique statement piece and pairs well with any solid coloured outfit. Honestly I do not wear it often because it is not very warm but it is perfect in the summer. 

Wildfox Baggy Beach Jumper: I love my adorable and witty Wildfox jumpers! Everyone should have a sweater they can wear out of the house but is the comfort level of pyjamas. These are my most worn comfortable pullover sweaters. They are very practical, I have six (so embarrassing) and I wear them all the time.


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