Friday, February 28, 2014


Today I stopped by Zara to check out some heels. I didn't get the heels, but picked up a few sale items. Then I stopped by The Bay for some necessities. The two long sleeves are the same shirt but I couldn't choose between the basic black or bright patterned one so at $30 each I just got both. I like the faux leather cuffs; it makes them different from other tops I have. I think I will get a lot of use of the skirt this spring and the sweater is comfortable. I don't like the feeling of lotion so I use body oils to moisturize. The Origins ginger scent is nice for everyday, I've been rebuying it for a while now and just ran out. I needed a mascara and Lancôme Hypnose mascaras are some of my favourites. That's all the shopping for now. I'm trying not to buy much because I'm moving in a month. It's hard to resist everything new for spring but I have too many clothes to pack as is - and it's still snowing :(

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Buy Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Mascara Here
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Thursday, February 20, 2014


I am always curious to know what apps other people use most on their phones. I have my phone usually within hand's reach (or "lost", but not too far); it is with me more than my wallet or keys. Most of my battery life goes to using it is a GPS or reading something on the internet. I am pretty much a compulsive Instigram checker and avid Bloglovin' reader; I do not even know why, it is something I just do without paying any attention to. Oh and Snapchat - Love. But all the fun ways to waste time aside, my phone is the most useful and used thing I probably own. It is a bank account, mail carrier, agenda, alarm clock, GPS, weather channel, camera, photo album, method of payment at Starbucks, gym schedule, computer, and - wait for it, phone and answering machine! Honestly how did I ever live my life without an iPhone?
So without further ado, this is what I currently have on my iPhone:

This is the first page. I basically have everything on this page. It is organized by rows in some way that makes sense to me. Social media on the top row, pictures at the left of the second row, and all the reading to the right of the second row. Those two rows have everything I spend a lot of time looking at. The third row is all the handy apps (I honestly never check the weather though). Fourth row to the left is somewhat financial and to the right is all music, tv, and photo editors.   
At the bottom of my phone I keep all the "phone" things; contacts, phone, voicemail, and messages.

This is the second page. I only use the settings, usually for wi-fi.

This is my reading folder. You are most likely familiar with Bloglovin', but that is where I keep track of the blogs I follow. I have added to my homescreen my blog and Lauren Conrad's for quick access and to have it in the same place as all the other articles or blog posts I read. Pulse is probably the most app-like app I have. I selected a few fashion/beauty and health/fitness channels to follow. There are all kinds of articles from those channels shown by a picture with the title; you select whatever your think looks interesting and it takes you to the source. The Bible was the first app I downloaded. Notes are where I keep my passwords and, well, notes. 

This is my Safari. The Goodlife bookmark takes me directly to a list of all the gyms in Ottawa so I can check hours and class schedules quickly and easily. The other bookmarks are sites I frequent every so often but do not really need. 

When I am cleaning the apartment I am always listening to Songza; I search Kate Nash and play one of the playlists featuring her.

This is the picture editing apps I have but I would not recommend any of them lol. I do not think I need Pic Stitch since Snap Collage is the same but better. Photo Chop was an attempt to find an app that would allow me to crop pictures in irregular shapes (like if i were to cut out myself from a photo and transfer it to a blank background); it sucks but I can erase on a picture to make it white (think back to the eraser on "Paint" but even more sloppy). PS Express is actually OK, for a free app, to brighten or sharpen a picture. I do not really edit pictures often so I have not even been able to really figure out how to use any picture editing apps properly. Since having this phone I have downloaded many different ones that were listed when I Googled "Best picture editing apps free". Uusually 9/10 I opened and could not figure out or just thought were absolutely useless then deleted immediately. So these are basically what I have at the moment.

This is the first page of the folder I keep all the apps the phone came with and I cannot delete (plus my one game). Calculator, Voice Memos, and Newsstand are the only ones I have even opened.

This is the second page of "Extras". Ticket to Ride is one of my favourite games. I used this app all the time when I was in a long distance relationship to play a "board game" with Matthew. We have the physical game now and still sometimes play on the app. 


Friday, February 14, 2014


Happy Valentine's Day to you all! What is in store for me today is just another ordinary day, maybe even less because I am less inclined to do anything even remotely Valentine's-like. It is not that I am single, very far from it (being engaged and planing a wedding and all), but it is not and has not ever been my holiday. I am sure this has nothing to do with my dislike for red, pink, black, and white together or that if I were to get a useless bear it would be in the trash by February 15th. Maybe it is that I feel I love and appreciate everyone that means the most to me all year round, therefore I have no regrets, in that regards, to make up for on Valentine's Day. Is it too much to say I have nothing to prove on Valentine's Day? I do not need to be out with my fiancé on a busy day having a less intimate evening, than if it were not Valentine's Day, surrounded by couples, that may not last another year,  going all out. It is just not my thing. I am low key for the most part - actually no, that is sort of lie. Matthew and I go on dates more than once a week, so yes a lot of our dates are very low key, but we also get bit ridiculous at times. Our dates range from going to the movies to spending a few nights in a hotel.

What really sets us apart is that we are stuck in our regular routine, because that is what we love, but a part of that routine is a mix of old with new. Both of us love to get dressed up (Well I love getting dressed up and Matthew loves when I get all dressed up - I swear he always looks devilishly handsome) and go somewhere very nice, or do something special. It is easy to find things to do because we live downtown (Ottawa, but still there is lots to do) and we are just the kind of people that like to get out of the house and explore. The weekly movie dates consist of always running late, rushing to hit up Bulk Barn (bulk food store, Matthew gets his candy here) first while still making it in time for 5 mins after the movie is "supposed" to start (Matthew hates missing the beginning of movies), he gets the tickets, I get the popcorn (the biggest one, no butter, ketchup shaker), we meet at the water fountain to fill both our water bottles (I drink a lot of water when I eat popcorn, I usually drink all of his too), we find seats in the middle near the aisle (weird, I know, we like the middle and to the side), watch the movie, stand up and admire the mess of popcorn and ketchup powder ALL over me, proceed to the bathroom to wash up, then head home. I never look cute on movie nights. It is cold in theatres so I dress for warmth, I make such a mess with my popcorn so I wear clean enough clothes but nothing fresh from the laundry, and it is dark so why waste a cute outfit.
If for 364 days of the year I feel like the most loved and admired person in the entire world, I can handle skipping this money-wasting holiday. I will still get my heart shaped chocolates, just on February 15th, and that is fine with me.

This was before we were even a "couple". He was driving me to school because I was running late so I called him up. Of course he woke from slumber to pick me up, with a coffee. I had made a huge mess while packing my lunch and I lived with roommates at the time so I did not want to leave the kitchen in such a disarray. I asked if he could drop me off then go back to my place and clean up. He did! Then I came back later that day to find this! I mean, screw Valentine's Day, I get this sort of thing unexpectedly, with no expectations, all the time. 

I suppose I am in a bit of a Valentine's Day head-space today, reflecting on my relationship and all. I would just like to say a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to everyone reading this! I wish everyone all the love and support in the world. You may not find it in a significant other at this time in your life, but you are still loved. How about we continue the love for the remainder of the year?


Thursday, February 13, 2014


I am very selective while shopping. Over time I have learned, through plenty of closet clean outs and clothing donations, for the ideal closet it is all about quality over quantity. Honestly, my entire life, from friends to how I spend my time, can all boil down to quality over quantity. As far as my closet goes, I realized I only want (and have the space for) items that are well suited for me, not repeated, and hold up well over time. Ultimately I buy investment pieces that I love. I try to avoid items that do not have the ability to be styled well together with my existing wardrobe or that I cannot find a way to justify as "necessary". This not only makes putting together an outfit quick and simple but it also reduces clutter and saves money.

The concept for this blog post came about as I was ordering my coffee at Starbucks this morning. The barista complemented the necklace I was wearing. My response was, "Oh? Thanks. I still wear it all the time and I have had it for years". There is no sentimental value to this necklace; I bought it in 2011, on sale, online but I do wear it multiple times in a month. This interaction got me thinking about which items in my closet I gravitate towards the most. Below are my closet staples that are probably not for sale and if they are could be hard to find. It is not about getting the items I have but to be a guide for anyone trying to reduce unnecessary clutter in their closet or build a more encompassing wardrobe.

I have attempted to include pieces that translate well over the course of the year. However, these picks do not make up a complete wardrobe for all four seasons; it is more a foundation to adjust accordingly for easy, everyday looks. I have not included outerwear, footwear, handbags, or accessories (yes, I know this came about from a necklace) because I already feel as though this post is too busy. Just a disclaimer, sorry for describing these items as versatile, simple, easy - but it is so true! I know I said I was all about quality over quantity and then have multiples of everything (with the exception of the leather skirt and Wildfox cardigan), but each item I get plenty of uses out of and would still deem the repeats as somewhat necessary.

Citizens Of Humanity Avedon Skinny Jeans in a dark-wash: A good pair of dark skinny low-rise jeans that fit perfectly are probably what I would consider the most important item in anyones wardrobe. Every time I go on vacation these jeans are the first item of clothing I pack. They are so versitile and you really cannot go wrong with them.

J Brand 811 Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans in white: White bottoms are not just a way to cover your bare legs while keeping cool in the hot summer months anymore. White is currantly trending all year round. If you still choose to move your white bottoms to the back of your closet during the winter, for spring and summer they are essential. The simplicity of a flattering pair can transform an outfit to classy and elegant, not to mention how easy it is to match with white.

Current/Elliott Stiletto Jeans: The prefect fitted jeans. There is nothing I love more than putting on a cute pair of my Current/Elliott Stiletto jeans. It is some kind of miracle that this fit has everything I want in a pair of jeans and more. Obviously to each their own, whatever your body type, the perfect pair of jeans is out there and you just have to find it. I love that these are foolproof and I can get them online or in store without trying them on. Start with getting the perfect fit in black or a wash you would get the most use out of. Overtime you can add a variety of colours and patterns. 

TNA Stride Legging: A black legging that you feel most comfortable in is not necessarily the most fashion forward piece of clothing. I have to admit, it is my most worn. You can find me at the gym, at work, at home, and running errands in a pair of these. 

Zara Faux Leather Combination Skirt: A sexy, yet modest faux leather pencil skirt may not be the most flattering style for all body types or even within everyone's comfort level. Luckily leather or faux leather skirts are available in endless shapes and sizes so anyone can find the most flattering style to complement them while getting that sleek and playful leather element.

Current/Elliott Boyfriend Shorts: A flattering pair of jean shorts are needed to get through summer. I found this pair randomly online at a massive discount. I probably should not have, but I did, order them months before I could try them on to my boyfriend's apartment, where I would be spending my summer. To much surprise they were my go-to shorts; I could not help but wear them almost everyday, it was slightly pathetic (well, more than just slightly). 

Wilfred Free Naomi Dress in black: A black maxi or midi dress is the most simple item in my closet. Options for styling it are endless; it is truly an item that allows you to showcase your individual style. Throw on an open vest, have only the waist down showing by throwing a T-shirt or sweater overtop, leave it as is and go all out with accessories, or keep it as simple as possible by not adding a thing. Even the size you choose to buy can give you an entirely different look which is one of the reasons why I have four, all with something distinct about them, in black alone.  

Wilfred Minou Camisole: This, or any silk camisole, is a great starting point for any outfit. I have it in four different colours because, well, I am just like that. It is versatile, easy, basic - just like most of the items in this post are. 

Wilfred Free Basculet T-Shirt: A very basic, soft, good quality,  over-sized t-shirt is the perfect undershirt or stand alone top. It is important to find one that washes well and hangs off your body in the right places. I wear t-shirts almost everyday so I like to have a few different neutral shades and some colours.

T. Babaton Payton Blouse: A silk collared button-up blouse with pockets is my favourite throw over to add dimension to an outfit. I have opted for black in this blouse because I already had a tan silk blouse, but any neutral colour will allow the most use. It is cool in the summer and easy to layer with in the winter. What I like most is it can be styled in the most obvious way, by keeping it more formal, but also has the ability to be incorporated in a very casual outfit. 

Talula Kent Blazer: Any flattering, well-fitted blazer is piece I think everyone should have.  I included this as my favourite blazer because it has next to no details on it and has very little structure to it; it really is a blazer in the most simplest, casual form. I gravitate towards whatever is most comfortable, however, depending on your lifestyle you my need a more formal blazer.  

Community Cashmere Cardigan in black, from Aritzia (Pictured: Theory V Cardigan in Light Wool): The cardigan I have and the one pictured are similar in that it is a classic thin wool long sleeve five button v neck cardigan in black; it serves the same purpose. This classic item is practical for warmth and transitioning from day into night. The versatility of this item is endless; it can be dressed up over a dress or dressed down over a basic t-shirt and jeans.

Wildfox Manhattan Cardigan: This is the most amazing item in my closet, it is fun and not many people have it. I just love it. It is a unique statement piece and pairs well with any solid coloured outfit. Honestly I do not wear it often because it is not very warm but it is perfect in the summer. 

Wildfox Baggy Beach Jumper: I love my adorable and witty Wildfox jumpers! Everyone should have a sweater they can wear out of the house but is the comfort level of pyjamas. These are my most worn comfortable pullover sweaters. They are very practical, I have six (so embarrassing) and I wear them all the time.


Friday, February 07, 2014


Olivia Palermo has an admirable sense of style. She is always put together seamlessly from head to toe in looks that are suitable for the occasion, uniquely styled, elegant, and exactly on-point. I love her for all the simple and creative outfits she turns into sought after looks, for wearing flats and looking amazing doing so, and for consistently being photographed looking composed and beautiful in stunning outfits. 







As the New Year settles in, Fall/Winter fashions are being phased out to make the necessary room for Spring 2014. When Valentine's Day is approaching, the Aritzia semi-annual Fall/Winter Sale is in its final days. Selections are now very limited but if you can find a few coveted pieces both your closet and bank account will thank you. I made a list of sale items I have recently snatched up that are included in The Aritzia Snooze You Loose Sale at 50-75% off. The following items are still available, while quantities last, for purchase online at