Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Sarah here with a quick check-in for the new year with a few of my January Favourites! I'll spare you the "Where has 2016 gone!?" because I'm sure we are all on the same page there. 

The weather has my skin extra dry so I've been all about baths, dry brushing, and body oil. My favourite foundation is apparently being phased out, although when I went to re-buy it Chanel still had my Perfection Lumière Velvet Foundation and shade in stock, so who knows, but I did go with their new one and have been loving it. I'm always reading in the bath and I've had a lot of alone time recently so I have been going through books this month and found a new and hyped book that actually lives up to the hype. Other than that I've been wearing the same 3 camisoles on repeat; yes, I am one of those people who either obsess over or over-use the things they love until it's embarrassing. Oh, on the obsessive and embarrassing note, a few songs I could not stop replaying last month were "i hate you, i love you" by Gnash ft Olivia O'Brien, "Love Me Now" by John Legend (although I am very over this song already), "Say You Won't Let Go" by James Arthur, and "Bad Things" by Machine Gun Kelly ft Camila Cabello; this is not the kind of music I typically listen to, I don't know what's gotten into me lately. 

I hope everyone has had a great start to the new year, not that it matters, time will always come and go, but if you're a "new year, new you" kind of person...what am I even saying. Happy New Year! Do you, be nice, and here is what I have been loving...

I've always loved body oil but I usually find they are either too thick, too thin, or the packaging is annoying but this one has a perfect consistency and the pump creates no mess at all! It applies and absorbs quickly and my skin is not oily throughout the day but left looking moisturized and very soft to the touch and the scent is on the earthy side and almost non-existent. Pure perfection! 

I usually stay away from new or hyped books but I decided to see what it was about and previewed the first chapter online before purchasing; turns out it's actually a good book. It's a nice reality check, especially for someone so busy and uptight like me. The message is delivered in a funny way but still gets you thinking and it's an easy quick read for anyone.

This full coverage but light feeling foundation does not budge once applied and like all Chanel foundations does not oxidate one bit. With 16 shades to choose from, you're sure to find your perfect match; mine happens to be Beige 21 and it does wonders to my very red and uneven  skin tone for hours until washed off. 

These camisoles could pass as silk but are 100% polyester, which that's fine with me because they are completely fuss-free, they never wrinkle, and are easy to care for. They are lined and not see through at all, hang off your body in a very flattering way, and make every outfit look a bit more polished. 

The product itself lives up to it advertisements, which is rare, and there is nothing like it that comes close in comparison for a comfortable, long-wearing, easy to apply liquid lipstick. The first time I used this I did one quick coat without a mirror and it applied and looked better than I could have imagined. Something about the wand is so easy and it actually makes the shape of your lips better than you thought possible. The formula dries quick, you don't feel it, and it is completely kiss, eat, drink, whatever -proof. Everyone I know and their dog raves about them; truly a lip-life changer. 

Again, Happy New Year! I'm a train wreck year round so I'm constantly working on myself and forgo the resolutions; however I do resolve to be a better me and that involves re-evaluating and setting goals. Currently I would like to find a good work, home, social, and me-time balance. I'd like to squat my way to a bigger butt, accept a bigger butt me, and hopefully by the summer not have a dimple on my left thigh (yes, skinny girls have cellulite and the same food/workout problems too!)  I'd like to take my heartburn from poor eating choices and lack of sleep seriously and OH! I'd actually like to incorporate sleep into my life! I'd like to have started laser hair removal by the end of 2017 (this I actually don't care too much about, it's been on my to-do list for years haha). Most importantly, I would like to continue but also put more effort into showing and letting the people I love know I love them a bit more, because really, when you work too much or are busier than you should be appreciation for what really matters is the first thing to go but it is the last thing that should. Haha I should stop the "love makes the world go around" / "love is all you need" and stick to clothes and makeup... But really, I'm grateful and truly appreciate more than anything to have been fortunate enough with another year of good health and relationships, some good and some bad to learn, grow, and laugh, and some really good memories to cherish for years to come; all of which I either can't say or would be meaningless without the people I love and that love me in my life. So I hope to learn and grow, have fun doing so, and make what I feel important more of a priority in 2017.

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Recently I have been extra obsessed with face masks and skin care in general. I get asked about skin care all the time and with amount of masks I've somehow collected in the last few weeks I thought I would do a little first impressions/haul and mini review. My skin type is pretty non-fuss; I have combination dry/oily skin that prefers more natural products, I do get hormonal ache but other than that my skin is fairly clear.

I had become sheet mask obsessed for a week or two and all I wanted was hydration to recover. This line immediately caught my eye. I went with my initial instincts and grabbed the Water Sleeping Mask and made a run for the checkout. Then, in classic Sephora style (you can't just run in, grab, and go), the most helpful sales associate confirmed my choice and convinced me to try this set first, to not only give the mask a try but also the Essential Skin Toner. I love the entire Laniege line. Sure, I've only tried these items for the past 4 weeks, but I can tell. I even bought my friend a set last week. For me to not only try but actually stick to using a new face wash is literally groundbreaking. This is a very good line for clean, simple, no fuss skin and I think it would be suitable for any skin type. 
Rating: 5/5 must try :)

I wanted to try a new eye cream, and the one included in this set in particular, but I don't actually think there is anything better than the Orignis GinZing™ Refreshing Eye Cream (for me personally) so I went with this set to just give it a try. I love the Caudalie sprays (I have 5!? haha) and all of the items included I know I will like enough to use. 
Rating: 3/5 if you like Caudalie it's a good set

Maybe I am just a sucker for good advertisements but I wanted to try everything from Estée Edit when I first heard about it. Rationally, I knew this line most likely wouldn't prove impressive to me (just in the nature of it and my skincare preferences) so I tried to forget about it. That worked temporarily. When I saw this set with nearly a full size of the Beam Team Hydrate + Glow, which is literally the only product from this line I remember really wanting to try, I decided to get it. I have yet to get into this but I'm excited to try the Stress Relief Eye Mask and the Pink Peony Overnight Water Pack because I have a puffy eye issue (who doesn't) and I love hydration masks. 
Rating: to be determined 

I love all three masks; I would probably love all the GlamGlow masks but these plus the Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment are the only ones I have tried so far. I purchased this for the Supermud Clearing Treatment which I use as spot treatment regularly and occasionally do the full face mask. It's a repurchase and I'm sure it will be for years to come. The other two are good, yes I love them, but the Supermud Clearing Treatment is where it's at. 
Rating: 5/5 great masks and value

ADORE! These masks, which are all the same mask but with a different scent and also the same as the full size that is unscented and the same size as the little ones combined, are so amazing! I don't know what they do, how, or why they are the best but they just are. My skin feels most hydrated when I use this mask and every time I wash it off I'm shocked at how soft my skin is. It's funny, but every time I use it I don't expect the results to be as good as they are and I'm always in disbelief...I mean, really - it's just as mask that I put on my face for a few minutes it shouldn't work so's pure magic. 
Rating: 6/5 better than must try, it's so good! 

Sephora favourites are always the best; you don't have to check the reviews because you know they're mostly positive. Some of these I have tried before (Origins, Peter Thomas Roth, GlamGlow - all good) and some I'm glad to try. * No longer available online but it's probably available in-store. A similar set (that I now want haha) Sephora Favourites Soko to Tokyo *
Rating: the three masks I've tried from this set are 5/5

Just like Glam Glow you know any Peter Thomas Roth mask is if not great, good and at worst, not bad. I like the small sizes because it's clean and I can't get through the full size anyways. They're all easy go to masks and they are all repurchases and will be for a while. 
Rating: 4/5 good masks 

Never tried and very excited! I have a feeling these masks are going to exceed my expectations. 
Rating: to be determined but the online reviews were great

I've used this mask twice and I'm unsure if I like it or not and both times I've wondered if it's making me break out a bit. The process is fun; the first mask is hot and exfoliating then the second mask is cool and soothing. I just think it's maybe more of a fun concept and experience than a useful addition to my skin care regime. 
Rating: 2/5 I wouldn't recomend this 

I got this because I wanted a whitening mask to even out the yellow discolouration around my chin and jaw. I don't enjoy using it because it's a peeling mask which is time consuming, messy, and slightly uncomfortable to remove. Having only used it three times now I have no idea what I think as far as results go, but honestly, I don't think it does or will do its intended purpose. 
Rating: 3/5 it's not a bad mask but I kind of wish I got something else instead. I just don't know what...any whitening mask suggestions!? 

I picked this up because I thought it would be fun and it is. It's inexpensive and harmless; it feels nice going on and it doesn't break me out but the results, if any, are very subtle.
Rating: 3/5 this comes in a sheet mask which might be better 

I use this and Origins Modern Friction to exfoliate and they are both repurchases I am happy with. This. Smells. So. Good! (If you like pumpkin, but what blog reader isn't pumpkin spice everything obsessed haha).
Rating: 5/5 I've always loved it. Not for anyone with sensitive skin.

I like to spray my face before applying most, not all, but most masks and then sometimes I go spray overload and keep refreshing my mask because it feels so good! I don't know why but I just love sprays and waters so much.  
Rating: 5/5 I reach for this more than the elixers 

I love Caudalie Beauty Elixirs and beauty elixers in general, but this one in particular is a mix of essential oils but most noticeably peppermint making it extra refreshing. I tend to reach for this over the water for the basic everyday skin cleansing I do and less for masks but both are amazing additions for both a simple face wash and a nice mask. 
Rating: 5/5 

I don't have much to say about these masks because I've only tried two Tony Moly sheet masks before but I ordered 6 of each of the water or emulsion types and just 3 of each for the milky types of their I'm Real ones. Sheet masks are very overpriced at Sephora, I don't understand it, but a quick Google search and you can find whatever one you want at a reasonable price. 
Rating: to be determined 

I know, I'm obsessed with masks and skincare in general! These are all purchases made in the last month after I became obsessed with sheet masks (all random from an Asian market) so these are mostly my initial thoughts. Until recently I was mostly only using masks to clear my skin and not to put moisture back into it. Now I'm all about small pores and moisture and addicted to masks of any and all kinds. Hopefully this was helpful and please leave any questions or suggestions in the comments below.


Sunday, May 01, 2016


Shirt + Top + Leggings - Aritzia, Wilfred Free / Bag - Rebecca Minkoff / Sunnies - Elizabeth and James / Shoes - Esprit 

Just a short ootd, evening actually. The days are getting really nice and hot in the sun. But, it's still so cold in the shade or if it's windy which I find is the most annoying to dress for - I just want to look cute and stay warm! I literally cannot stand being cold and I'm probably cold 90 percent of any given day (sad face)...Yes, I'm freezing while writing this on an air conditioned ferry. 
The other day, the husband and I went for a walk around the Inner Harbour before a little dinner date then hit up Everything Wine to do our yearly load-up of wine for the summer (can you tell I'm totally ready for summer, haha). Just a simple outfit, but the first time this year I wore sandals :)


Sunday, November 08, 2015


Shirt - Aritzia, Wilfred / Bralette - Aritzia, Talula / Leggings - Aritzia, Wildred / Shoes - Flavour Boutique / Necklace - Oak + Fort / Watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs

Last night was my 25th! I had a really amazing and fun birthday with a few really great friends. Currently I'm all about the leather leggings. Zero thoughts were given to my outfit last night but it doesn't show, that's how easy and foolproof leather leggings are. They are the most comfortable bottoms to wear and look good with pretty much everything. Even better, they are so warm yet so sleek; creating the perfect balance for the bulky layering in these cooler months without compromising on warmth. 

Below are a few pictures from last night. Lots of food and drinks, a bejewelled thing for the girls, beer pong for the boys, and we ended it with the best cake ever and a helium ballon sing-off. It was a good night :)


Tuesday, November 03, 2015


Shirt - Aritzia, Wilfred / Cardigan - Oak + Fort, Noul / Jeans - Paige Denim / Scarf - Aritzia, Wilfred / Shoes - Michael Kors / Bag - Louis Vuitton / Watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs / Earrings - Kate Spade / Sunnies - Elizabeth and James 


Tuesday, September 22, 2015


I'm very excited to share with you my new Louis Vuitton Alma BB in Damier Ebene Canvas! 

The bag measures 25 x 19 x 12 cm (length x height x width) so yes it's the miniature version, but no, it's not impractically mini. It's actually the perfect size for easy everyday use with plenty of room for all the essentials. The bag itself is also very light so with the addition of say a wallet, phone, keys, and sunnies it should never feel too heavy for either cross-body or top handle use. For all the material options in the Alma BB Click Here.

It's a very smart and usable bag. The features I'm happy with the most are the protective studs on the bottom, double zip opening, and optional strap. I also like that it comes with the padlock and leather key tag for a little bag charm effect (although I'm thinking about getting a poof!).

The price is not the easiest to justify, but the iconic shape and quality craftsmanship make it a worthwhile investment. I know will hold up well over time if it's cared for well, and really, there isn't much to worry about with care compared to most bags. The smaller size is going to keep extra weight from wearing on the bag and will also help it keep it's shape. The Damier Ebene Canvas is quite stain and scratch resistant and the colour will stay nice. The only concern would be the hardware; being carried crossbody the strap is sure to create scratches near the handles and if the padlock is kept on the zipper pull it will scuff with usage. All in all I believe it will prove to be a good bag and I'm very happy with this purchase

For an idea of the strap length and how it sits crossbody or over the shoulder I am 5'5", size 0,  and, I hate to say it, but fairly flat-chested. When I was looking at reviews about this bag the strap seemed to really be the only issue. I feel like the length is perfect for my body and would work for almost anyone who looks good carrying a small bag.  Im not trying to say you have to be anywhere between short and wide or tall and skinny for this bag, but if your frame generally suits a larger bag then the strap and the size of the bag might look a little off. Also I don't feel the thinness of the strap irritates my shoulder, mind you I'm not one for a heavy bag.

One of my concerns before seeing the bag in person was the top handle; I wasn't sure if it would be big enough to actually feel comfortable being held on the crook of my arm. I needed that option when wearing jeans or running errands. Most often I tend to just grab my bag and go then crossbody it only if nessecary. I do think that it's OK either handheld or over the arm. It feels the same as my speedy; great as long as I'm not wearing a huge down jacket, which happens almost never living where I do (yay for not living in Ottawa with -20'C winters anymore!).

Outfit Detials: Shirt - Aritzia, Community / Bralette - Aritzia, Talula / Jeans - Citizens of Humanity / Flats - Dolce Vita / Jewellery - Oak + Fort, Marc Jacobs, Wildfox / Bag - Louis Vuitton


Friday, September 18, 2015


Today I thought I would share with your some of my go-to combinations for juicing at home. I usually make two different juices in the morning: one as a part of my breakfast and one for later in the day to take to-go. I have a plastic "water bottle" (I say water bottle because it looks exactly like a bottle of Aquifina, even has a blue rubber label) that unscrews in half and I can fit 300mL in, it's easy to clean, has a perfect seal, etc., but any bottle or jar that is air tight will keep the juice for the day.

I feel like I just have more energy when I drink juice and it's so quick and easy. Overall I feel better and it's noticeable if for whatever reason I miss a day - that's why I try and drink juice every day. Plus juicing is a good way of cycling through the fruits and vegetables in your fridge and getting around to eating them before it's too late. And believe me a juicer is not hard to clean, forget about that excuse and if you have ever used that excuse yourself, shame on you.

I know a lot of people with juicers and it's surprising how different each person makes their own juice. Really the options are endless and the littlest adjustment can take your juice in a whole new direction. I love it when someone finds something delicious and passes the tip along. Especially since, while the options are endless, I find myself often making the same thing or something very similar more than I probably should. So I thought I would share the recipes I make the most; give you some ideas, maybe help out whoever is starting out or whoever is getting bored of the same-old.  

3 stalks of celery 
3 huge handfuls of spinach
About 1.5 cups worth of zucchini (sometimes I use cucumber or both)
1 pear (or apple)
1 wedge of lime (I squeeze into juice) 

•Green 2 
2 stalks of celery
1 huge handful of spinach 
3 romaine leaves
1 kale leaf 
4 radishes 
1 apple 
1 mini zucchini 
A handful of parsley
1 wedge of lime

•Classic Carrot-Beet 
4 carrots
2 beets
1 apple 

3 carrots 
1 grapefruit (or orange)
1 wedge of lime

5 carrots 
1 apple
2 stalks of celery 
Ginger (about the size of a gumball)

1.5 carrots
1 stalk of celery
3 cups of cranberries (or cherries) 
1 pear (or a combination of pear and apple)
1 clementine 
1 wedge of lime 

A cup of blackberries
2 cups of crainberries
4 strawberries 
A pear
1 cup of cucumber 
A wedge of lime

Half a cucumber 
1 handful of mint
2 cups of pineapple (or watermelon or honeydew)
1 wedge of lime

Since I make more than one juice at a time, I usually mix apples and pears, oranges and grapefruits, etc. And if I'm making my lunch at the same time, I may add the scraps or a bit of whatever is out. I always keep lime, celery, spinach, cucumber, zucchini, carrots, apples/pears, beets, grapefruit, and oranges/clementines in the fridge as my basics because they are cheap and keep well. 

I'll juice almost anything, exceptions being bell peppers and tomatoes for taste and red leafy "greens" because they make juice look brown. I hate to make an all fruit juice, I feel a veggie or two is needed or it's too sweet (with the exception of melons, I love an all melon juice!). I juice spinach, kale and carrots a lot because I don't normally crave to eat them so rarely do and that way I have a better variety of foods in my diet. 

I think it's important to eat for health more than taste and sometimes I'm not sure if I love something because it's healthy or tastes good; but I mean, who cares, healthy tastes good to me. I love veggies and that's not harmful! My husband is the opposite, I swear he dislikes things only because they are healthy (it's really fruits and vegetables he won't eat) and he would like all of these recipes enough to pretend they're ok/delicious except the Green 2. The juices I make most are Green 2, Green, and Classic Carrot-Beet and the juice my husband genuinely loves is Sweet+Refreshing.

I hope this was helpful and let me know what your favourite juice is and if you have any tips or whatnot for me to try!